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Spring fishing ... love this time of year

Posted by info on September 5, 2012 at 9:15 PM

Its been geting warmer and the fish are moving in closer with great kingfish grouping around the bait schools and xos snapper feeding in under these schools. We have been fishing out around the cape with lots of 15 plus kg fish and some just to big for my charters to stop. Some anglers are just getting smashed and cant lift the rod to even gather line.. This has to be more practice needed so i just keep putting them on the fish to give them practice. Sorry guys but thats what you came for. Being close to rocks these larger Kingfish are changing gear and heading to the rocks so with the old ruling the hard er you pull the harder they pull back, we try different tatics then we get sucess.. by slow driving and leading the fish out deep we start landing 20kg+ fish.

The snapper have been great as with the warmer water we are getting male fish up to 7.5kg and nice 3-4kg mixed in as well. Not far now and the first run of jacks will be in close and these guys will be 9kg plus... remember these fish are the breeders so take what you can eat and let the rest go. I have been working on the boats and a spell of bad weather has allowed us to complete tasks and get some paint down, I must say this summer is looking to be busy so if want to come fishing with me contact us to secure your booking.. Till next time ..Rob

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